Vineyards of Torcibrencoli

Our vineyards occupy a total of 3.5 hectares where the predominant variety is Sangiovese since only in Tuscany this grape variety reaches the best quality. According to Bettino Ricasoli (1872), the original Chianti Classico recipe (1716) includes: Sangiovese 70% and Canajolo, Malvasia B. and Trebbiano 30%. Today we are expanding our product range by introducing different compositions over the years to offer the different grapes the opportunity to express themselves at best through careful manual selection and vinification with the aim of separating each variety and quality from time to time during the fermentation process.


Torcibrencoli wines

The Artisan Cellar of Torcibrencoli matures the finest grapes to create Red, Orange, White and Rosé Wines. The cellar, through biological winemaking processes, contains the best of each vintage in its bottles. The typical winemaking process includes a fermentation in steel (16 days) followed by a maceration and aging in wood of the wine thus obtained. For the duration of aging, the wines are kept under control to ensure the stability of their organoleptic qualities. The final period of bottle aging guarantees the maturity and elegance of each vintage.

il Torci
il Matan
MariaGioconda riserva
lo Stinto
il Pinone